This Week in Product Management: w/c March 6

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Becoming a product manager
New Product Managers — Do This in the First 30 Days
by Melissa Hopkins
A topic that recently came up on, an online community for product management professionals was “What things should a product manager do in the first 30 days on the job?”. Melissa Hopkins lists the 7 things that the Aha! Customer Success team concluded as the most important actions that product managers should take within the first 30 days.

Product Development
How To Successfully Marry Design Sprints and Product Development by Jay Melone
How to move from a finished design sprint into product development is not always easy. Jay Melone presents 4 steps to move from 5-day design sprints to execution.

Product Development
5 Habits to Building Better Products Faster by Hiten Shah
This free and downloadable book shows you what five product habits that you need to find the critical problems that customers have and solve them better than anyone else.

Product Lifecycle Management
Why you should kill your cash cow by Abhishek Madhavan
Despite the depressingly cyclical nature of products being common knowledge and in plain sight, it’s shocking how many companies refuse to see it and leave themselves ripe for disruption. This article gives insight on how to deal with the innovator’s dilemma and not make the jump from a cash cow to another before it’s too late.

Pretend the interface is magic
by Taras Bakusevych
If your user has goals and the product has magic powers to meet them, how simple could the interaction be? This kind of thinking is useful in helping designers think outside the box. This article is a guide on how to identify user goals and reduce the friction for the user when trying to achieving.

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