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Ruthless prioritization by Brandon Chu
Prioritization is one of the most difficult parts of the job as a product manager, while also being essential for success. Brand Chu has in his post laid out a framework for ruthless prioritization, both between and within projects.

Product analytics
Feedback Loops and “Done” by John Cutler
John Cutler has through previous posts discovered that product organizations tend to optimize for delivery rather than validation. In this article, he provides a framework for shifting the focus towards validated learnings.

Talking Tech with Non-Tech People by Sabrina Gordon
Explaining complex software to customers who may not have a technical background has its challenges, where both parties can be victims of misinterpretation. Sabrina Gordin lists 4 things to keep in mind when explaining tech to non-tech people.

A Designer’s Perspective on Working with Product Managers by David Pasztor
David Pasztor, a designer, describes the work with product managers from a designer’s point of view – how to keep designers motivated, what to expect from them and also what they expect in return from a product manager.

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